In the beginning…


And I’m back to the blogging world! This is my second attempt now at a serious blog, my first being Gyopoblog. A lot has changed since then. I’m now married to my hard-working, spunky wife Junhee. I’m now finally heading back to America to the best university in the world UCLA for my Masters in Education and California Teaching Credential in Secondary Science. I now have the rudest freaking dog in the world, Moongchi.

I’m starting this blog because Junhee has been pestering me for months to start one so that we could write about our adventures together. Well here it is. I actually came up with the name ‘The Simple Seoul’ while Junhee and I were still dating. I liked how the words rolled off the tongue and also the obvious pun(?) in the title that displayed the heavy influence Seoul played on my life. I also like to think that I do still have a simple soul and I would like to keep my posts as simple as possible, since I am a simple man after all.

Anywho, Junhee and I will both be posting here about our musings, ephemeral interests, and mischievous adventures. We hope you enjoy.

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