Tohpyunggol (Black Pork Belly BBQ), Jeju Island

EVERYONE told me that I have to eat Black Pork belly BBQ in Jeju Island, so I asked around for recommendations for weeks before flying over. I was recommended to Tohpyunggol (토평골 식당) by my middle school friend Lina, who’s originally from Jeju Island. They specialize in black pork bbq, as you can see from the menu, the only options are Charcoal BBQ Black Pork Belly (흑돼지 숯불구이) & Green Pea Bean Paste Stew (푸른콩 된장찌개). My friend always comes here with her family when she’s in town and it seemed like a very local place (not touristy, mostly old ajussis from town eating there). It was not a fancy nice place, expect to find a more humble location. Overall, I really liked it while my husband thought it was decent. So we’ll leave it up to you to judge when you visit!

The pork was much thicker and tastier than in Seoul.


The pork was thick and juicy, and I loved the sauce they placed in the middle. I’m not sure what’s in it, but it’s some kind of garlic hot sauce that is perfect for pork BBQ. I think each place has their own recipe.


Plenty of side dishes, but that’s expected of Korean restaurants.



And i loved the pile of GREENS. So fresh. But what I LOVED even more was the bean paste stew, which was out of this world. The tofu in it was SO GOOD and I don’t think I’ve had 된장찌개 this good even in Seoul. Funny thing is we wanted to order 2 stews from the beginning for the 5 of us, but the owner said 1 would be enough. We ended up ordering another one anyways because it was delicioso.



And of course, some rice-wine is necessary to enjoy with the meat.


I had a lovely time because I love meat and food in general. It’s not the place I would take nice guests with me, because you have to sit in the Korean style floors and it gets all smokey. But there were some tables with chairs that you could sit in (but they were all taken). I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere but I think it’s because it was so pitch black outside. Hope you get to check this place out if you’re in Jeju Island!

Pork belly is 17,000krw per serving (200 grams), which is around 15$ per serving, and stew was 6,000krw, which is around 5$.

For more information: 흑돼지 전문 토평골식당 (Phone: 064-732-9295; Address: 제주 서귀포시 중산간동로 7715) I don’t think they have a website.

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