Sammi Raw Fish Restaurant, Jeju Island

So this was our finale lunch before flying back to Seoul from Jeju Island. I wanted to find a good place not too far from the airport (as my in-laws were getting tired from the traveling) and I was recommended to go to Sammi Raw Fish Restaurant (삼미횟집) by a friend that got a list of top foodie places from his workplace. There were so many seafood places in the area and I was SO glad I did prior research before coming. We paid 50,000krw per person (around $47 per person) and got a spectacular FEAST. I am definitely coming back with my parents. The seafood was of amazing freshness and quality, and we had a wide variety of dishes, none of which disappointed. SUCCESS. Brownie points for me, as the best daughter-in-law ever.

We weren’t sure what to expect as the serving lady in her 40s-50s told us she would “take care of us” for 50,000krw per person. And she did not disappoint. You will see in the following photos… In terms of service, everyone was friendly and very accommodating. My grandmother-in-law (in her 80’s) has a back problem and can’t sit on the Korean seats that are on the floor. So they made sure they cleaned up a space for the tables with chairs so she could sit comfortably. Very kind service. I was a bit sad though, because this place is known for their AMAZING view of the ocean as you eat raw fish (which is on the second floor with wide windows) but we had to sit on the first floor (as that was the only floor with tables with chairs, instead of tables with floor seats). Maybe next time!

So we started with sashimi, and the assorted seafood platter (with abalone, shrimp, octopus, sea cucumber, sea squirt, etc.):



This was a dish to be mixed with raw octopus on the left:


This was the warm seaweed soup that Koreans love, this has a lot of iron and is particularly good for women, especially when menstruating or after childbirth: DSC01055.JPG

And mackerel sashimi, followed by three different types of sashimi: raw red seabream, rock bream, and sawedged perch. They were chewy and so fresh, so good.



Then noodles with sashimi, greens, sesame oil, seaweed, raw octopus, and cucumber:


Now, the following dish might have been THE MOST AMAZING dish (even though everything was really good). We asked for seconds and thirds, which they were happy to give. My husband and mother-in-law wanted to buy some to take on the plane with us back to Seoul, but we weren’t sure how customs would find that idea… This soy-sauce marinated crab (간장게장) was seriously GOOD and had so much fresh meat that was perfectly seasoned. I’ve been to several crab places in Seoul for this dish but they were all super expensive with very little meat and over seasoning. I’m really going to miss this dish from here!


Then, we had some chicken soup with ginseng (삼계탕), which is not seafood and I’m not entirely sure why this was here but nevertheless it was soothing and yummy.


And of course more cooked abalone that came on a sizzling platter, but we were getting really full at this point. So sad. I wish I could go back to eat more of this.


We also had some tempura of sweet potato and other veggies:


This was seasoned rice with seaweed and it had abalone intestines as a part of its seasoning (sounds gross, i know, but it was really flavorful and delicious).


They also gave us a cooked fish, but I didn’t have room in my belly to eat a lot of this:


However, I made room for the spicy fish stew (매운탕) which is a MUST when you eat raw fish. It was pretty spicy and oh so good.


Well, this was the perfect ending to our Jeju Island trip, which felt more like a foodie trip. This place I think you have to go to! I heard it’s really crowded during lunch and dinner hours. We ended up going at a really random time like 3pm for lunch so there was much more space and got amazing service! For more information: (Phone: 064-713-6400; Address: 제주 제주시 도두항서5길 1).


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