Mania Street & Charlie Pub, Seoul

One night, my friend Joe and I were walking around Gangnam looking for a cocktail bar so we could catch up. One of the infuriating things for me is how hard it is to get a good, cheap cocktail near Gangnam Station. We walked around a bit, until Joe told me that there were a few cool spots he saw in Nonhyun. So we walked over and it was definitely something new for me to see in Korea.

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Bridal Shower, Colamercato, Seoul

May is a popular month to be a bride in Seoul, just look at all the beautiful flowers that are in season! Today I attended my friend’s bridal shower at Colarmerto, an Italian restaurant in Garosugil area by Sinsa Station. The restraurant had several floors, and we had borrowed a small room on the 3rd floor for the occassion. I was surprised to find a tiffany’s colored wall which was perfect for our bride’s taste! It fit perfectly with the blush colored Bride-to-be sign in the background and became the perfect photo wall. The tables were decorated with pastel colored bouquets bought from Yangjae Flower Market and personally arranged by the organizer of the shower. With every year, I am more and more captivated by the beauty of flowers. So fragrant, beautiful and radiant in all of its diversity.

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Ramen Moto, Seoul

Junhee was craving some ramen, so I took her to my favorite ramen place in Seoul. I used to go to Ramen Moto during my lunch breaks when I worked at the startup Vingle since our office was right around the corner. It’s been a couple of years since I went here, but I sure wasn’t disappointed! Ramen Moto is a small place with a small menu. You order your food on a machine and give the receipt to the workers. I always get the Moto Ramen there (7,000W) and Junhee decided to get the Spicy Ramen (7,000W). We also got an extra side of the Chashu for 2,000W.

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Southside Parlor, Seoul

My husband and I actually had our first date here back in August 2013. We had dinner at a place called Between in Itaewon (it’s gone now) and walked over to Southside Parlor
in Noksapyeong for some quality cocktails. It’s on the 4th floor and not very easy to find, so it was kept a gem that not too many Koreans knew about. It’s run by three guys from Texas that wanted to bring a Texan flavor to their burgers, tacos and cocktails. To be honest, I think they have the best chicken tacos in Seoul.

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Power Plant, Seoul

If you want to try a little bit of every hip dish that’s trending among the Korean-American/expat community, just visit Power Plant at D-Tower near Gwanghwamoon Station. It hosts many of the popular joints, such as Manimal (Southern BBQ), Gilberts (Burgers and Fries), Coreanos (Mexican Korean fusion), Lobster Shack, and Buzza Pizza. You can pretty much get a dish from each joint and try all of them at once. It’s not cheap, but it’s convenient if you’ve been wanting to try everything and see if it’s really worth all the hype. The food scene in Seoul has been evolving rapidly with the increasing number of expats and Korean Americans coming back to the motherland, and you can get a taste of it here. A comparable place would be  Gourmet 494, the Galleria Department Store’s fancy food court (which hosts Vatos, Brooklyn Burger, Buzza Pizza, Cafe Mamas, etc.). I liked the overall ambiance, very clean, decor on point, wide range of food and drinks, and fancy architecture.

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