CraftBros Gangnam, Seoul

Craft beer has become insanely popular in Korea. They are everywhere now and since this new CraftBros just opened up, we decided to check it out. The location used to be a Cafe Mamas copycat called Cafe Lode which we passed by everyday but never got to try, and it looks like the new tap house made good use of the limited space. The dim lit interior and loud hip hop music gives it a chill bar vibe. Definitely seems like a good place to hang out with friends for some quality beer after a long day at work. The widely open floor to ceiling windows gives it a very spacey and (as our Norwegian friend commented) European feel. Below is a rare photo of Craftbros when relatively empty. It’s pretty packed by evening with a lot of Koreans and foreigners from the area coming after work.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the bottled beer selection. They’ve got most of the good stuff. As you’ll soon find out, good beer in Korea is mad expensive. We opted for a big bottle of Delirium Tremens (75cl) and that alone came out to 29,000 Won ($25). They told us that there was a 5,000 Won corkage fee, but after my wife buttered them up they said they’d wave it for us since it was our first time there. If you don’t want to pay the corkage fee, then you better opt for the craft beers on tap. Tap beers range 7,000 to 15,000won.

If you’ve never tried Delirium beer, you’re missing out. A triple fermented Belgian ale, it’s got lively carbonation and a sweet aroma. The well rounded beer has a strong, bitter aftertaste just how I like it. JunHee loved the yuzu flavor of the Snow White Ale. She will definitely be coming back for more.

We didn’t eat dinner beforehand so we ordered a Bacon and Garlic Mac and Cheese (18,000 Won) and the Cheese Wing Plate (23,000 Won). The mac and cheese was pretty awesome. The bacon was perfectly cooked and when I scooped up some macaroni, the cheese stretched all the way to my mouth. I kind of wished for a little extra kick at the end, but Junhee and I both approve of this dish. A bigger portion would’ve been nice too.


The Cheese Wing Plate was ‘okay’. The plate featured 3 whole chicken wings covered in cheese with a healthy portion of fries. Melted cheese awaited at the bottom of the plate. The chicken lacked flavor and as someone who doesn’t usually like to eat jalapenos, I found myself supplementing the chicken with the peppers for flavor.

All in all, the staff was extremely friendly and Junhee and I left satisfied! It was not cheap (70,000 won meal) because of all the food we got. Nevertheless, it’s definitely worth a shot for those who love beer and we look forward to going back again for some drinks!

서울특별시 서초구 서초동 1327-29 서초파라곤 1층
(MON-FRI 17:00~02:00, SAT-SUN 15:00~02:00

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