Bridal Shower, Dominic, Seoul

Wedding season is in full bloom in Korea, with cherry blossoms and peonies in season. Many Korean girls want to get married in May, as it is one of the best months of the year with sunshine and flowers everywhere. I wasn’t a “May-bride” myself but I was fortunate enough to have amazing weather for my wedding in June. This post is a pretty belated post on my own Bridal Shower that took place on June 13, 2015. In Korea, there isn’t a culture of “bridesmaids” or “bridal showers” as observed in the US. The bride and her close friends feast on a delicious dinner together or rent out a fancy hotel room to have an intimate celebration with more or less than 6 friends. But being the little rebel that I am, I asked 6 of my favorite ladies to stand by my side as I said, I do, and they agreed to be my bridesmaids! Little did they know what they were getting their selves into, HAHAHA. I’m incredibly grateful for their love and the amount of time and resources they put into preparing and throwing me the most beautiful bridal shower ever, and for standing by my side through the whole process from my engagement to my wedding. Below are some photos from our wedding studio shoot, where they came to surprise me! (Sadly, Juna is not in the studio pics below because she was still in Paris at that time, but she made it back in time for the bridal shower.) Aren’t they so beautiful? Inside and out ❤ ❤ ❤

I think there are a few times in life when you get to seriously reflect about your relationships, and I think wedding season is clearly one of them. Thinking about who to invite to your wedding, and learning about who really cares and genuinely wants to celebrate with you during an important step of your life. It was an overwhelmingly emotional experience and process, going through my lists of friends and being sad about those that could not make it (because many were half way across the world) and touched by those who sent thoughtful messages of love, and grateful for many that actually flew 13 hours to see me. But more about relationships and lessons I learned from the wedding process in another post… Today’s post is about the beautiful Bridal Shower I was gifted with, and I think it deserves a big fat lengthy post – so I can look back years later and realize how incredibly loved I am and how eternally grateful I will be for the girls that gave so much to see me smile and rejoice. So here goes:

Dominic Seoul in Itaewon.jpg

Some videos to remember how they set the place up! ❤  The location was at a trendy artsy restaurant in Itaewon, called Dominic. I loved their wide windows and the pretty wooden bar as we entered. It was lined with glasses of champagne, flowers, and scented candles that were hand made by my sisters. Instead of asking for physical gifts, I had asked all of my guests to write me handwritten cards instead – and this was their ticket to get in to the shower! Each guest was given a scented candle and individualized card from the bride in return ❤ ❤ ❤

We had a photobooth set up for guests to take photos, and as people trickled in, we got seated into beautiful large tables decorated with green and pastel blue flowers. The food was amazingly delicious, a lot better than the usual menu that they actually serve regularly to be very honest, and the champagne was overflowing, which was perfect.

One of my favorite games was the “What is Love” game. All of the guests took a heart shaped post-it and wrote down in one word what love means for them. Defining Love in one word. That is not easy. I had been thinking a lot about the definition of love during this time, and I found the perfect one, written by Sue! I was reminded of Genesis 2:25:”And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.” I chose the post-it with the word, KNOWN. Love is KNOWN. I believe that to truly know someone for all of their beauty but also for all of their weaknesses, rough edges, and deeper darker hidden sides – their nakedness  without all the decorations and layers they’ve built on top of their deepest selves, and to be known entirely by someone in that way and to not be ashamed for who I am is to love and be loved. Knowing someone deeply, genuinely, at a deep level is at the core of loving and being loved. It is in fact, I believe, incredibly difficult – to love someone in such a vulnerable way, but it is my hope that I can love others in this way.

After rounds of games prepared by the bridal party, I was served with this beautiful cake. As you can see the whole party also had a blue and white theme. Classy.

Sadly, I didn’t get to take a lot more photos during the event, but here are a few group shots that I got to keep! Thank God for modern photography and videography!!!! ❤


And last but not least, they ended with a session of prayer to bless my marriage with John. Everything about the shower was amazing but I think this was one of the highlights of the day – knowing that so many of my sisters and friends loved and blessed me, reminding me of the beauty and mystery of marriage and the gravity of Christ being at the center of it all, holding it all together in perfect harmony. The world says that marriage is difficult, that divorce is rampant, marriage is to be locked-down and trapped without all the freedom and excitement, being stuck with one person forever. However, so far, in my 11 months of newly-wed season, I beg to disagree. I think it comes down to what your definition of marriage is, and what it is grounded on. My marriage is a promise to John to choose to love him every single day, whether he is lovable or not, in sickness and in health, and a commitment that I have made to God that I will choose to honor every day. It will be difficult, like anything else that is worth fighting for, but I think marriage really is beautiful because it is so incredible how such imperfect and different people can come to perfectly complement and build each other up for the rest of our lives for the better! so that when we see God face to face, we will be the best versions of ourselves. And there is so much freedom in knowing that you are entirely loved by someone as imperfect as me, but who is always willing to communicate and put one another before one’s own self. Thank you everyone for coming and for celebrating with me! I will cherish this moment forever ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. The bridal shower was actually from last year (a belated post!) and we are already married! Will be posting a post on the wedding in the near future 🙂 Thank you for the best wishes!

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