Power Plant, Seoul

If you want to try a little bit of every hip dish that’s trending among the Korean-American/expat community, just visit Power Plant at D-Tower near Gwanghwamoon Station. It hosts many of the popular joints, such as Manimal (Southern BBQ), Gilberts (Burgers and Fries), Coreanos (Mexican Korean fusion), Lobster Shack, and Buzza Pizza. You can pretty much get a dish from each joint and try all of them at once. It’s not cheap, but it’s convenient if you’ve been wanting to try everything and see if it’s really worth all the hype. The food scene in Seoul has been evolving rapidly with the increasing number of expats and Korean Americans coming back to the motherland, and you can get a taste of it here. A comparable place would be  Gourmet 494, the Galleria Department Store’s fancy food court (which hosts Vatos, Brooklyn Burger, Buzza Pizza, Cafe Mamas, etc.). I liked the overall ambiance, very clean, decor on point, wide range of food and drinks, and fancy architecture.

Below is the food menu that you’re given, but you can visit each joint to see their menu options in greater detail. Also, you can choose to either (1) order at the table and be served your food and pay 10%? more as service fee, or (2) just get a table and go order your own dishes and pay no extra service fee and when the buzzer rings go get your own food.


For the 4 of us, we decided to order the Manimal Platter (pulled pork, BBQ chicken, pork belly, and mac and cheese) which was 49,800won (around $45), and Gilbert Chilli Cheese Fries which was 11,000won (around $10). I didn’t get to take a photo of the drinks menu, but the bar has multiple options of beers and wines and we chose to get the Beer Sampler B for 15,000won (around $13) for 8 different flavors of Korean and fusion beers.


The above two photos show the Beer sampler and the types of beers included. It was plenty of beer for the 4 of us, and I was pretty satisfied with the range and variety.

Apparently this bottle on each table is JUST FOR DECOR. Don’t eat or drink it, it says, but that direction is only written in Korean…


So the above photo shows the Manimal Platter, the pork belly was everyone’s favorite, pulled pork was pretty good, but the chicken was a little disappointing. Mac and Cheese was alright. Overall, we were satisfied. You have to understand that it’s pretty hard to find good Southern food in Korea, so Manimal and 2 other places like the Beastro and Linus are the best options you’re going to get in Seoul.


The above photo is Gilbert’s chili cheese fries. Either I was really hungry, or they were amazing. I didn’t have any expectations for the fries, because I don’t really expect good fries in Seoul but I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe today was a lucky day.

The above photo shows a part of the layout of the place. You can go to the sections and order food. It’s kind of like a food court, but MUCH NICER. The decorations are pretty, lights are hip, music is good and overall good ambiance. Not like your mall food court.


This photo is of the 1st floor of the D-Tower building. You have to go into this building and take the escalators up to the 3rd floor to get to Power Plant. This whole place is filled with trendy restaurants. I don’t come up to the Gwangwhamoon/City Hall/Jong-gak area (north of the Han River) as often and was shocked to see all this here.

  • Honest points to add: My first visit here was amazing, I loved it. The second time, we didn’t get the platter and instead we got some smaller dishes but the portion was SO SMALL. The burrito at Coreanos was also SO SMALL for the price. SO, I recommend going with a BIG GROUP and get the big Platter to share instead of just getting the smaller individual dishes. At least, this was my personal experience.


This is a night shot of downtown Seoul near Power Plant. Seoul can really be so beautiful. So busy and bustling that I forget how nice it is sometimes.IMG_8529.JPGFor more information: (TEL) 02-2251-8383 (Address) D-Tower 3rd Floor, Jongro 3 Gil 17, Jongro-gu, Seoul (서울 종로구 종로3길 17 D타워 3층)

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