Southside Parlor, Seoul

My husband and I actually had our first date here back in August 2013. We had dinner at a place called Between in Itaewon (it’s gone now) and walked over to Southside Parlor
in Noksapyeong for some quality cocktails. It’s on the 4th floor and not very easy to find, so it was kept a gem that not too many Koreans knew about. It’s run by three guys from Texas that wanted to bring a Texan flavor to their burgers, tacos and cocktails. To be honest, I think they have the best chicken tacos in Seoul.

Their taco sauce with the fresh cilantro is amazing, and the chicken itself was so crisp and soft. It’s worth the ride over from Gangnam. We’ve been back time and time again with other friends, and it has not disappointed us once. Below is the Starburst (citrus infused vodka, elderflower, lavender syrup, mango and lemon, 10,000won which is around $9), which is my all time favorite, and Omija Mule which was delicious but I believe a seasonal drink during the winter. Hopefully it will be back next Winter. The second photo is the Pulled Pork Sandwich (espresso BBQ sauce, house pickles, red onion, cilantro, sriracha  mayo and sweet potato chips, for 13,000won which is around $12) and the Southside Burger (160g seared beef patty cooked medium, caramelized onions, sharp cheddar cheese, and sweet potato chips for 12,000won which is around $11). We actually came for Taco Tuesdays but we were really hungry so we ended up feasting on the sandwich and burger which was absolutely delicious. Super juicy. I really like all of their food, always so rich and flavorful. These photos are from our visit last Winter.

I heard their new spring drinks menu was out and so decided to trek over again to see what was new. My friend and I ordered The Next Vitamin Solution (plantation dark rum, havana club 3 anos, blueberry-raspberry shrub, lemon, garden herb, egg white for 12,000won which is around $11) and the Orchata (plantation dark rum, licor 43, coconut horchata, orange, lime, angostura for 12,000won). Both were pleasantly good.

I decided to get some Fried chicken tacos (3) (crispy fried chicken thighs, pico de gallo, smoked queso,  cilantro, sriracha, mayo for 10,000won around $9), which was delicious as always. Seriously, so much better than Coreanos or Vatos, but that’s my personal opinion.


We decided to get another drink each, so I got the Starburst and my friend got an apple cider, the Angry Orchard. Delicioso.

The night was pretty chilly, but we decided to go up to the roof to see the Namsan Tower. The bartender lady brought us little blankets, without us even asking. Sadly, the christmas lights were not on, which is what I had hoped to get some shots of. Apparently, the switch was broken, but she said the lights will be on as soon as it’s fixed. Nevertheless, sad that I didn’t get to see the lights – it would’ve been so pretty.

  • My husband also went to visit Southside in the following week, after seeing this post and he took more photos that I wanted to add!

Got a shot of the Menu, for your convenience. When I check out restaurants online, I always look for menus but it’s so hard to find close-up photos sometimes. So voila.

For more information: Phone: 02-749-9522; Address: 4th Floor, Noksapyeong Daero 218, Yongsan Gu, Seoul (서울 용산구 녹사평대로 218) by Noksapyeong Station line 6.

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