Ramen Moto, Seoul

Junhee was craving some ramen, so I took her to my favorite ramen place in Seoul. I used to go to Ramen Moto during my lunch breaks when I worked at the startup Vingle since our office was right around the corner. It’s been a couple of years since I went here, but I sure wasn’t disappointed! Ramen Moto is a small place with a small menu. You order your food on a machine and give the receipt to the workers. I always get the Moto Ramen there (7,000W) and Junhee decided to get the Spicy Ramen (7,000W). We also got an extra side of the Chashu for 2,000W.


I’ve been to multiple ramen places in Seoul, and they all sucked. The soup wasn’t hearty enough or the pork was just a few tiny slivers. Ramen Moto gets the soup RIGHT. When you eat ramen, you don’t want it to taste clean. You want that fatty-ness that’s going to drive you crazy at night because you’re craving it so bad. While it’s not to the extreme of the Kotteri choice at Daikokya (my favorite ramen place in LA), it’s good enough that you’ll be wanting it at random times of the week.


DSC02274Mine came out just as I remembered it from years ago. I’m not much of a soup guy. I usually eat everything and leave a good amount of soup leftover but I made sure to do as much damage as I could this time. I kind of wish I could have added more noodles, and I might ask them for that next time.

DSC02268Junhee on the other hand really struggled with hers. I’ve never gotten the spicy one before and it was FIRE. As soon as Junhee took one bite, her face spiked red. She usually loves spicy food, and I think we were both expecting along the lines of Shin Ramen spicy. However, a closer look at the soup, and you’ll realize it’s radioactive red. Junhee thought it wouldn’t be a problem because so many other girls were eating it just fine at the place, but she got her humble pie today. Only get the spicy ramen if you can handle HEAT! Ironically, Junhee can’t wait to go back and get it again. Just maybe on a cooler day.

Here’s what we got.


Here’s a pic of Junhee before she got her butt kicked. Junhee liked how they give you an apron and a hair tie. They wanted her to feel comfortable while getting owned.


Anyways if you have a ramen craving, go check Ramen Moto out. From exit 5 at Nonhyeon station, just walk a little bit and you’ll see it on your right.


서울특별시 서초구 신반포로 333 조훈빌딩


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