Bridal Shower, Colamercato, Seoul

May is a popular month to be a bride in Seoul, just look at all the beautiful flowers that are in season! Today I attended my friend’s bridal shower at Colarmerto, an Italian restaurant in Garosugil area by Sinsa Station. The restraurant had several floors, and we had borrowed a small room on the 3rd floor for the occassion. I was surprised to find a tiffany’s colored wall which was perfect for our bride’s taste! It fit perfectly with the blush colored Bride-to-be sign in the background and became the perfect photo wall. The tables were decorated with pastel colored bouquets bought from Yangjae Flower Market and personally arranged by the organizer of the shower. With every year, I am more and more captivated by the beauty of flowers. So fragrant, beautiful and radiant in all of its diversity.

DSC02388.JPGDSC02430.JPGDSC02393.JPGThe flower vases were made re-using apple cider mini-bottles, the name/price tags washed and scrubbed off,  and wrapped around with light pink ribbons. #earthday #recycle!



In addition to the pink and white helium balloons, the 6 guests were given flower crowns! The dress code was black, to let the blush bride shine for the night! The bride arrived with pink flower hand-tie corsages for the guests of the shower. What a nice touch. Below is a photo of us that helped plan this special evening for the lovely bride. Followed by a photo of the glowing bride herself in a blush pink laced dress from Zara.





This is a more close-up look of the room that we had for the evening. Cozy and simple. The champagne had been served by the waiter. The dishes were shared family style, from bread, salad, Autumn Crab Rose Pasta (their signature dish, 25,000won which is around $24), Spaghetti with Shrimp and Flying Fish Roe (24,000won), Grilled Cuttle Fish with Squid Ink Spaghetti (21,000won), Gorgonzola Pizza with various nuts (18,000won), Fresh mozzarella and tomato pizza (16,000won). All very flavorful and fresh. Didn’t feel heavy and was happily satisfied by the end of the evening.



The Grapefruit cake (51,000won, which is around $50) was picked up from Dore Dore dessert shop  located literally 3 minutes away from the restaurant. The cake was so soft and freshly fruity, filled with grapefruit chunks and a sweet natural flavor.


With champagne starting off the classy evening, everything tasted so fresh and flavorful. Most importantly, the bride left feeling incredibly loved and blessed. Mission accomplished. Wishing her the happiest of days as she prepares for her wedding in May!


For more information: (Phone) 02-543-6321; (Address) Dosandaero 17 Gil 34, Gangnamgu, Seoul (서울특별시 강남구 도산대로17길 34)

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