Dealing with Stress and Cultivating Self-Love: Yoga with Adriene

So, I haven’t been able to hit the gym nor have I been able to work out during the past few weeks… months. I felt extremely overwhelmed with work at my internship, learning to work with different people, trying to work on my thesis, preparing visa papers, planning for our move to Los Angeles, and helping prepare for my sister’s bridal shower. I hadn’t really been taking care of my body as much as I’ve been feeding my mind and soul.


I had printed out the 30 day yoga calendar and stuck it on the wall in January. Poking my head up from all the work I had to do, I realized that I never got to finish the Yoga with Adriene 30 Day Yoga Camp that I had started. So, instead of eating and sleeping my stress away, I decided to hop on the mat to do one yoga video a day every time I couldn’t focus. Aaaand, I finally finished it today! If you’re struggling and feeling stuck, I strongly recommend this yoga series to help you take some time to breathe in everything around you and breathe out some self-love.

I LOVE Yoga with Adriene because: (1) she is extremely positive and optimistic, down to earth, can laugh at herself, and makes you feel like she’s your friend even though you’ve never met her, (2) she believes in the power of words and having a healthy body, mind and soul, which I agree with 100%, (3) all I need is my yoga mat, I can stay at home, connect my youtube onto my Chromecast to my TV and I’m set, (4) it is FREE but as good as many of the yoga classes I took in person before.


Every day has a theme and mantra. Day 1, I accept. Day 2, I create. Day 3, I embrace. I awaken. I am alive. I feel supported. I am capable. I choose. I am bold. I am present. I release. I trust. I deserve. I go with the flow. I am open. I enjoy. I am focused. I surrender. I respect. I am worthy. I believe. I surround myself. I am secure. I am in control. I am strong. I attract. I am grateful. I celebrate. to Day 29, I LOVE. and Day 30, free to explore.


I actually love her home practice youtube classes even more than the ones I used to take at studios. Her youtube classes are not as “fat-burning”, but Adriene really gives you time to work on taking care of yourself and she emphasizes how it’s not just about having that bomb beach body but having a body that you can love and nurture with time. Love it.

The photo above is my secret peppermint balm stick that I got from a friend when she came back from Thailand. I put a little bit of it on my temples, behind the ears, and the back of my neck. It’s seriously AMAZING – the peppermint, menthol slowly heats up and cools as I continue my yoga practice and as the blood starts circulating. Because I’ve been sitting infront of the monitor all day, it feels great to stretch out my neck during the practice and have this menthol balm soothe my entire back neck and shoulder area.

I’m thinking of starting again at Day 1 to keep my home practice going. She also has one free lengthy yoga video that she uploads every Wednesday. This past week was the Shakti Flow which got the muscles working and body feeling AWESOME. If you’re as stressed as I am, I recommend you try it out to take care of your body – with lots of support and love.


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2 thoughts on “Dealing with Stress and Cultivating Self-Love: Yoga with Adriene

  1. Man, I so wish I could go to a yoga studio and sit in a hot yoga class… I keep telling myself, just pull the plug and do it and stop making excuses lol.

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