Gontran Cherrier, Artisan Boulanger, Seoul

It’s been a cool drizzly day today and John and I decided to grab a quick brunch before getting on with the day. We decided to head over to Gontran Cherrier, a small bakery cafe right next to Illy Cafe in Gangnam 5 minutes walk out of exit 9. This place has the best croissants (3,000won) in Seoul, in my humble opinion, and I also adore their pain au chocolat (3,200won). SO. GOOD. Below are the croissants, right out of the oven in the morning! I love their texture and it’s been hard to find one that rivals them in Seoul.


Followed by the pain au chocolat, which has been my go-to study snack the past few months. Yummm. Guilty pleasures.


Today, we also decided to try out their brunch set, which seemed a bit pricey but worth a try. The two sets we got were: (1) Sandwich croissant with Guyere cheese and ham + salad + Americano (12,000won) and (2) Bacon and mushroom fritata with ricotta cheese salad and Americano (15,000won). While waiting, we decided to take photos of the cafe.


I love their huge windows which allow for a lot of natural lighting and big spacious tables. They always have some French music as well, which adds some bubbly to my day.

The brunch set (1) Sandwich croissant with Guyere cheese and ham + salad + Americano (12,000won) was smaller than I had expected, but I was filled by the end. To be honest, you can’t go wrong here because the croissant itself it really good. So I was satisfied! Guyere cheese was melted into the croissant with ham and tomato. The salad was also very fresh. What surprised me was the coffee that came withit, it was surprisingly smooth and good.


The second set (2) Bacon and mushroom fritata with ricotta cheese salad and Americano (15,000won), is what John got and he said it was a bit rubbery and lacked spice. The fritata was disappointing as it felt like they just microwaved it. Sad. But the ricotta cheese seemed fresh and the salad and bread was good. Overall, he will not be getting this again.


All in all, it was a lovely brunch and we got some extra croissants and pain au chocolat to go to eat later at home. We probably won’t get the brunch here again, too small and just okay for the price but we will keep coming back for their baked goods!


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