The Jamism (Jamism and Griller), Seoul

This bright coral cafe named The Jamism (Jamism and Griller) opened up a while ago nearby Cafe Mamas in Gangnam. Coral is one of my favorite colors and I loved how the cafe stood out from the mundane colors of the other buildings. John and I decided to study here. The color scheme and decorations were bright, cozy and feminine. The natural lighting that came in through the big windows was also a big plus. But most of all, we were surprised to find an unexpected grilled cheese menu alongside their cafe drinks.



I got a Chicken Vulcano grilled sandwich (Chicken breast, whole grain mustard, mayonnaise, salsa sauce, lettuce, jalapeno, red peppers) (9500won). The lady at the register was super friendly and warned me that the chicken vulcano was extra spicy, and asked if I wanted to reconsider. But I was up for the challenge. And it did not dissappoint. It was burning spicy but absolutely delicious and woke me up entirely. I had to chug a few iced cups of water but I was happy-as-can-be after demolishing it. I give it a 9 out of 10.


We also got Garlic Fries (6500won) on the side, which they made right away and was freshly crisp. John really liked the fries, rated 7 out of 10 for him and 8 out of 10 for me. Considering the other garlic fries we’ve tried in Korea which were either too sweet or soggy with garlic, this one was pretty good. I would come back for them!


John got a Cubanos grilled sandwich (pork, ham, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, pickle and mustard) (9500won), which he thought tasted pretty good. It was fresh off the press and the cheese was extra gooey. I think John was expecting something more like a cuban sandwich, while this was more of a panini. Due to the pickles, it reminded John of a reuben panini. He would get it again, now that he knows what to expect from it.


After feasting, we tried to get some work done. The seats and sofas were a deep turquoise color which balanced the coral entrance. They had powercord plug areas for laptops right under the seats and free wifi with their number as the password: 07077620611.


We both decided to grab some drinks as well. So I got a Ginger Milk Tea (4800won) and John got an americano (3500won with a free size upgrade for some reason).


The ginger milk tea (left) was warm and light. The ginger flavor was not too strong, and the milk tea felt really soft and smooth. It was quite soothing and I will most likely get it again next time. John, on the other hand, was not very impressed with their coffee. It was watered down (maybe due to the size upgrade?) and he says he prefers the Gontran Cherrier americano much better.


They had a nice range of options to choose from, and it seemed like a lot of other people were getting fresh fruit drinks and smoothies. I think this is a good place to grab a bite if you haven’t eaten yet as well as get some studying done. Photos of the menus are below.

I was quite happy with the range of food and drink options, diverging from the usual scones and basic sandwiches elsewhere. We will be back for more study dates in the future!

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