Gilbert’s Burger and Fries, Garosugil, Seoul

Thankfully, the burger scene has vastly improved since I came to Korea. During the past few years, many respectable burger places such as Brooklyn Burger, Gilbert’s, and others have popped up and have saved expats like me whenever I had a craving for that oozing melted cheese on a beef patty. These type of burger establishments are more in like with Umami than In n Out, but you will take whatever you can get out here. 

So Junhee and I met up with our favorite double date partners Dan and Barbara and took a trip over to Garosugil to get some burgers at Gilbert’s Burger and Fries. It’s located in one of the back alleys and you might have passed by it a few times without noticing due to its location in the basement of the building.


We had to wait about 20 minutes to get in. Once inside you’ll find large wooden tables, chairs, and benches with black brick walls surrounding you. The staff was very friendly and the waiter did his best to speak to us in English after he heard our conversations. I guess they have a large expat clientele.

Junhee loves spicy food so she wanted to get the Green Light Burger. Unfortunately they told us they were out of ingredients for the burger. Disappointed, Junhee opted to get ‘The Mexican’, a burger with pepper jack, beef chili, and pickled jalapeno, for 12,000 Won. Whenever I go to a burger joint, I tend to always get the standard burger. You know, usually the number 1 or 2 option they have on the menu. So I got the 7oz ‘Mr. President’, which comes with sharp cheddar cheese, red onion, tomato, dill pickles, romaine lettuce, bacon, and horseradish-mustard-mayonnaise, for 12,500 Won.



I was starving due to playing ball for a few hours earlier, so I destroyed my burger in a matter of minutes. The beef patty was cooked perfectly and all of the flavors blended perfectly. The horseradish mayo wasn’t overpowering, but provided a little kick at the end. All in all, it’s a burger worthy of satisfying any craving you may have for that burger from back home.

Junhee thought her burger was hearty and delicious, but was a little disappointed by it’s lack of spiciness despite the pickled jalapeno. I don’t know why she likes destructive spicy food so much, but it is what it is. She probably wouldn’t get the burger again, especially because it was so messy (as you can see from the picture), but she likes Gilbert’s and definitely wants to try the Green Light Burger here.

We also shared the Chili Cheese Fries (11,000 Won) and the Sweet Potato Fries w/ maple dip (10,000 Won) with everyone. I love the sweet potato fries here. The chili cheese fries were tasty as well, but would probably not be an advisable choice for the health conscious.



We also got a Black Bull (root beer float) for 7,000 Won. It was really sweet… and I wish they gave us more than just a can of root beer. It definitely needed more soda but I guess it’s not that bad of a price considering how expensive floats are at other places. Next time I’ll just stick with a beer. Dan also got a Dr. Cow, a Dr. Pepper float, for 7,000 Won and he seemed to enjoy it.


We all felt like fatasses after the meal, so we went to Gyodae afterwards to get in a workout. The ladies did the Bikini Body Guide while Dan and I shot around. All in all it was a good time, with good food, and good friends. Peace.

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