To Celebrate a Holy Matrimony

My sister is married! Now two of the three dohsters have found their other halves and have stepped into a holy covenant to love, nurture and grow together with our life partners til our last breaths. I will dedicate a lengthy post about her beautiful wedding soon, when I get the nice quality photos from the photographer. But for now, I wanted to write down some thoughts and reflections from this past weekend that I want to keep for myself. The above photo is me and Joyce, who was the Maid of Honor last June. She came to celebrate and congratulate my sister this year as well 🙂 Below are my two beautiful sisters and myself – Juna and I both ordered our bridesmaids dresses from Asos and we were both very satisfied with the flowy material!

This past weekend I attended two weddings, my sister’s and a friend’s, one at a chapel and the other at a catholic church. They were both beautiful. Both places had this sense of serenity amidst all the guests, flowers, and commotion. The bright lighting, the calming music, and the radiant smiles in so many of the guests made the two locations more than just a building and place. The bride was glowing of course, in satin silk and beaded jeweled white dresses. They really were a jewel to behold. It made me think about how much planning must have gone through the past few months to prepare for this day. To come as their most beautiful and best versions to be blessed by those that they love and by God. I am reminded of the numerous verses in the bible that refer to the church as the Bride and as the groom being Christ who will return. Marriage in this light means so much more than just a legal document between two individuals… It is a wonder how beautiful and mysterious the meaning and depth of marriage was intended to be between two imperfect individuals loving each other and fearing and loving the Lord.

I was reminded of my own vows at my wedding: “Do you Junhee take John to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part, according to God’s holy word, and your solemn oath? ” It’s been 11 months since I married John and I realize how incredibly blessed I am to have found someone so complementary, encouraging, kind and gentle. Of course, we have our differences and those in turn come to highlight the things we have carried on from our pasts that still need to be given true freedom. But it is amazing because in our little clashes and bumps, as iron sharpens iron, we help each other grow more whole.

My sister’s wedding was actually at the exact same chapel where I had my wedding last summer, but everything felt so different. From the blush toned bridesmaids to the groomsmen, to the different message… It was lovely, and my heart is so happy. I must admit I was crying my eyes out when my sister was bowing to my parents… but it was a reflection of the mixed emotions in my own heart as I saw her grow up in to this beautiful woman. Praying that both of their marriages will be blessed and that they will be a blessing towards others! My first time as a bridesmaid went well – 🙂

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