Mozzie, Itaewon, Seoul

It was POURING last night in Seoul (the monsoon rain where umbrellas barely help fight off any rain). But we had made plans for our UNDP Seoul Policy Centre S/S 2016 Interns Night weeks ago and decided to trek over in the rain. After several attempts at finding a place with good food and drinks, Derek took us to Mozzie (Maori + Ozzie) – an Australian/New Zealand restaurant/bar by ITW hotel. Mozzie is located in the first alleyway off the main road of Itaewon (subway exit 3), up the alley with the transgender bars, then first left hilly alley with motels and old stores. I had never been to this area of Itaewon before and the run down motels seemed pretty sketchy in the dark rainy evening. Mozzie stood out like a diamond in the rough with its elegant and classy decor and outdoor patio with small evergreen trees decorated in little white christmas lights. Pretty shocked that this nice place was hidden away here. I loved the ambiance, jazz and oldies music, decor of the wooden tables and long bar with white christmas lights in the darkness, big wall-sized windows, and delicious comfort food. How did I not know about this place before?!

We could hear the raindrops hitting the windows and the little christmas lights and jazz music were perfect for this rainy Friday evening. They had a special event going on for Montieth’s Beers (with flavors: Crush Apple Cider, Indian Pale Ale, Southern Pale Ale, Black Beer, 9,500won) where if we bought one and hashtagged #Mozzie we got a Southern Pale Ale for free. Being poor unpaid UNDP interns, we all instantly Instagrammed selfies with our first beers to get our free second rounds. I got the IPA which was refreshing, and the Southern Pale Ale was fruity.

The menu was not cheap, but after tasting the dishes we had ordered, it was worth every penny. It helped that we were in a group of 5. We ordered 3 main dishes, 1 side dish and ate family style. We also got a side of fries on the house as we enjoyed our second beers.


Lamb Shank Redemption (Australian lamb shank with gravy, pan-fried potatoes, green peas, 34,500 won) was one of their main recommended menus. The meat was very tender and came right off the bones, the gravy went perfectly with the juicy lamb meat, the meat did not have a strong lamb scent at all which was good, and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite. Even the green peas tasted sweet and yummy.


Red sky at night, Shepherd’s Pie delight (classic beef and lamb shepherd’s pie, 19,500won) was our second dish as Jeehee strongly recommended this dish to get the Australian/New Zealand experience. It was the ultimate comfort food, with mashed potatoes on top and meat on the bottom which was very hearty and delicious.


Crikey Chicken (creamy cheese sauce over chicken cordon blue and pan-fried potatoes, 21,500won) may have been my favorite dish, although I really liked all of what we ordered. The chicken went really well with the creamy cheese sauce which was not too cheesy or greasy at all. The sauce made the chicken tender and it tasted delicious. I also appreciated the potatoes which made it feel like I was enjoying a home-cooked family meal.


Lord of the Onion Rings (7500 won) was our side dish. I was happy with the size of the onion rings (which were pretty big) and its crispiness. It came with a sweet sauce. Overall, it was the perfect comfort food for the rainy night. The space and ambiance was also nice; I would love to come back for a classy wine night. Or just to pig out on some more quality hearty Australian/New Zealand food. Below are some photos of the restaurant, and my UNDP crew that have become like family to me during the past 4 months (only 2 months left together!). I’ve been learning a lot at the Centre during the past few months, of course on Korea’s sustainable urban development policies with respect to the SDGs, but also on the importance of having/being respectful and kind coworkers and building good teamwork to carry on projects to completion where we can all feel encouraged and accomplished together. So blessed to have met these gems at the Centre in this season of my life!

For more information: Yongsan-gu Woosadan-ro 14gil 11, Seoul [서울특별시 용산구 우사단로14길 11], First floor of ITW hotel (Naver Map ITW hotel, as Mozzie is not on Naver map).

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