Pokemon Go Testing in Korea!

I was so bummed when I found out that Pokemon Go wasn’t working in Taiwan after I downloaded it, and then even more bummed once I found out it wasn’t going to work in Korea either. However this morning, my silly sister in law downloaded and it was working! 


I quickly opened my app and saw the Poke Stops and Gyms were open! Very surprising considering the Namsan Town Apartments (Hannam Region) had 3 Poke Stops! When I clicked on a Poke Stop, they showed local landmarks that I never even knew about. I ventured outside and went to the Poke Stops and got some Poke Balls! I was perplexed however that I didn’t find any Pokemon.

Soon I saw my sister in law outside again and she told me she was catching a bunch of them! WTF I was thinking…. so I restarted the app and then I could catch some as well! There were like 7 within the vicinity! I was able to catch 2 of them! However to my dismay… after about 10 minutes, my map went back to its useless self. No Poke Stops, Gyms, or nearby Pokemon. It must have been a test run and seeing from Reddit it was from 11AM to 1PM. Screenshot_20160711-151208

Also another reminder to be careful. I tripped on a tile on the sidewalk and my phone went flying in the air. Thankfully despite the few flips in the air my phone went through… it just had a few scratches on the back. Now to wait until the next test run….


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