Dang Dang Waxing, Seoul

Looking to get a clean, sanitary Brazilian waxing done in Seoul? I had been searching forever and finally found a place that I really want to recommend, just in time for the summer! The original shop is in Seonjeongneung station, but the Sinsa branch opened up recently and I decided to visit there (since it’s much closer to where I live). I had made reservations in advance via Kakao Talk (Tel: 02-512-9636) and the lady was very kind and responsive to my various questions about waxing, feminine hygiene and scheduling. Make sure to reserve in advance and visit their Naver Cafe (http://cafe.naver.com/dangdangwaxing/) to register and leave a “hello” post before your waxing date. You will get 50% off for a full brazilian for 55,000 KRW (if paying by cash, 50,000 KRW). For men, it’s 88,000 KRW (80,000 KRW cash).

What I loved about this place was how bright and clean it was, with a relaxing vibe and very kind service. They have a special technique of using the cooling pack as they go, which is being patented and feels awesome. They give you slippers and a private room where you can undress everything below waist and wear a nice silky gown. There is also a personal shower and towel in the room so you can clean up before waxing. After you lay down in your gown, a lady will come in for the session. I loved the warm temperature of the wax she used, and how there is absolutely no double dipping for the waxing sticks to keep it sanitary. The lady will continuously check if the temperature is just right to match your preference. Despite my concerns, the session was not awkward at all – which was really nice and I ended up talking to her the entire time with all my questions about the waxing culture that has been growing in Korea, etc. In the photo below, there are two beds – this is for if you come with a friend/partner and want to get waxing done at the same time. I personally won’t feel comfortable with another friend/husband waxing next to me, but if this is something that you feel comfortable with it’s an option!

I hope this post is helpful. Korea didn’t have that many waxing places until quite recently, and it’s only been 2-3 years since I started seeing more waxing places and deals online. But I never really felt safe about going to a random place just for a good deal. I personally feel like getting Brazilians is a potentially awkward + very private activity, and I want to make sure the place is safe and very clean. I strongly recommend this place to those that have been searching for a very clean and professional spot just like me 🙂

How to get there: 당당왁싱 신사점 Get out exit 6 of Sinsa Station (line 3, Orange), walk straight until you see the SK gas/oil station, enter that alleyway. Walk one more block inwards and it will be on your right on the second floor.

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