Gilbert’s Burger and Fries, Garosugil, Seoul

Thankfully, the burger scene has vastly improved since I came to Korea. During the past few years, many respectable burger places such as Brooklyn Burger, Gilbert’s, and others have popped up and have saved expats like me whenever I had a craving for that oozing melted cheese on a beef patty. These type of burger establishments are more in like with Umami than In n Out, but you will take whatever you can get out here.  Continue reading “Gilbert’s Burger and Fries, Garosugil, Seoul”

Mania Street & Charlie Pub, Seoul

One night, my friend Joe and I were walking around Gangnam looking for a cocktail bar so we could catch up. One of the infuriating things for me is how hard it is to get a good, cheap cocktail near Gangnam Station. We walked around a bit, until Joe told me that there were a few cool spots he saw in Nonhyun. So we walked over and it was definitely something new for me to see in Korea.

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Ramen Moto, Seoul

Junhee was craving some ramen, so I took her to my favorite ramen place in Seoul. I used to go to Ramen Moto during my lunch breaks when I worked at the startup Vingle since our office was right around the corner. It’s been a couple of years since I went here, but I sure wasn’t disappointed! Ramen Moto is a small place with a small menu. You order your food on a machine and give the receipt to the workers. I always get the Moto Ramen there (7,000W) and Junhee decided to get the Spicy Ramen (7,000W). We also got an extra side of the Chashu for 2,000W.

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